Raven’s mission is to make manufacturing better by using artificial intelligence. They help manufacturers leverage all their data. Their first product was very similar to performance management software available today with performance dashboards and stock reports. Their “a-ha” moment came when they realized that the novelty of pretty reports and dashboards wears off and the realization that un-interpreted data provides little value. What manufacturers need is guidance not reports. This realization has guided Raven ever since. The Raven ecosystem provides manufacturers with a holistic solution to improve operator performance in real-time.

our challenge

Consider the design of a holistic “ecosystem” that will support the company’s vision, understanding that different contributors will require different affordances. There are several key components; Raven Sense™ connects machines, processes and operators collecting critical performance data like uptime, job, down-time code, production rate, yield and much more. Raven Brain™ uses machine learning to learn from the client’s data and processes helping them truly understand what drives their performance. Custom analysis from a dedicated team of data scientists, along with proprietary technology, partners with them to drive transformational improvement. Raven Flight™ makes sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Real-time event escalation and opportunity detection with Raven’s mobile app gives your leaders the information they need to enable their teams to perform at the highest level.

project outcome

We have completed the design vision for the “ecosystem” and have crafted it into a compelling prototype for stakeholder and customer enrollment. The first component of the ecosystem has been developed and deployed with key customers for testing and iteration. Raven is currently staffing up to start development of the next 2 elements of their product vision.